CROWDTHERMAL has identified a number of conditions for the development of community-based financing geothermal projects, focusing on social aspects rather than technical. For that reason, a customized protocol was developed, to assess all involved actor’s perception of the process, concerns and needs, public acceptance and participation issues.

  • Stage 1: Project General Characterization: Prior to the design of a protocol to evaluate the public perception of different aspects of the process, a general characterization of the project is necessary to set up the most suitable indicators for each project. Not all case studies will be subject to the same conditions and risks, but the protocol needs to adapt to the different types of geothermal projects.
  • Stage 2: Evaluation of Public Awareness: The education and promotion addressing decisive groups (decision-makers and administration of various levels) is an indispensable element of building public acceptance for these energy sources.

EVALUATION OF GEOTHERMAL KNOWLEDGE: Evaluation of the knowledge and general opinion about some topics related to renewable and geothermal energies, with the aim of identifying the gaps in education/communication that slows down the development of geothermal projects in the different countries.

EVALUATION OF PUBLIC PERCEPTION: This stage will consist of the evaluation of the public perception of geothermal and the identified risks.