• Atmosphere: Geothermal plant should be designed to avoid any steam releases to the atmosphere and NCGs should be treated at the cooling tower (Mannvit hf 2013)[1]
  • Water: Installation of wells casing to prevent the groundwater contamination
  • Land: Project Owner to implement the Protocol for Induced Seismicity Associated with Geothermal Systems
  • Solid Waste:
    a) Selection of contractor(s) with good environmental record
    b) State in contract requirements on special waste ponds
    c) Consider thermodynamic scaling control rather than inhibitors to minimize hazardous substances in the geothermal fluid
  • Noise, visual pollution and radioactivity:
    a) Careful sitting of the plant to avoid ecologically and historically sensitive areas
    b) Minimize surface disturbance and visual impact during construction
    c) Careful landscaping during operation
    d) Application of sound barriers, such as plantation of trees at adjacent locations
    e) Ear protective equipment for the workers
    f) Use of inhibitors to keep the radioactive nuclides in solution

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[1] Mannvit hf. 2013. Environmental Study on Geothermal Power GEOELEC Project – WP4 D4.2.