For the construction phase, the construction permits are the requirement to start into the phase. The same participation measures as for the drilling phase can be applied, in this case focusing the construction works. Again, a critical reflection of the measures used until then is recommendable and in case some were not successful in the drilling phase before, they should either be improved or they should be refused for this phase.

A suitable way to keep the public up to date with the progress in construction works is writing a public construction diary, which can be realized in the form of blog posts on the project´s website. Adding pictures can enhance the information content. Also, topic tables or discussion groups can still be a part of the participation work of this phase if applicable respectively if there is a need for it.

Generally, proving flexibility by assuring that the measures for participation comply with the needs of the public or those of other relevant stakeholders can be advised for this phase. Among other things, it is useful that the reliable contact person for the project is still available for contact, also as a measure to express presence.