Meta-database of geothermal projects

This page presents the database of geothermal projects with the potential for alternative finance. 80 geothermal projects have been identified in the first round of data collection, with the support of EFG’s National Associations, and the list is growing.

National framework


Geothermal projects


National framework

The National Framework map provides an introduction to the national state of the art of geothermal energy and related regulations, including regional and state laws, and permitting processes. More country descriptions are planned to be added. View the national framework map in full screen here: 

Geothermal projects

With the first round of geothermal project identification, the EFG’s National Associations managed to collect 80 projects with the potential for alternative finance. Most of them are visualised on the map below, others are going to be added soon.

Benchmark projects are also listed on the map with successful community finance initiatives for geothermal and other energy sources. View the geothermal projects map in full screen here: 

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