The CROWDTHERMAL presentation video has been released in English and subtitled in Hungarian, Icelandic, and Spanish.


Despite its huge potential and its important role in decarbonising our society, geothermal energy represented only 3% of the European Union’s total energy consumption in 2017.

The main goal of the Horizon 2020 project CROWDTHERMAL is to empower European citizens to directly participate in the development of geothermal projects. To do so, new financial models for crowdfunding will be formulated. In parallel, the CROWDTHERMAL team will analyse the perception of geothermal energy and will develop a public engagement approach making use of social media and other engaging communication tools.

Three case studies in Hungary, Iceland, and Spain will validate the findings of the project.

 Watch this space to know more, and remember, this decade will be geothermal!